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Patchway Town Council Patchway Town Council -  A Quality Town Council

Patchway Town Council

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Patchway Welcomes You

Patchway Welcomes You

Article 3717 | Published - March 28th, 2017

Create a new Community Computer Game

Superflus GamesConiston Community Centre have managed to get Superfluous Games and indie gaming company to create a Community game with us.Every Thursday between 4pm and 6pm, they will be holding a weekly workshop, where they welcome drop-ins too.

This is for all ages; whether you are 1 or 100 they will help you find a way to get involved.

Whether you want to learn how to code computer games, see your child’s drawing of a monster be put into a real game, have a character based on you or an amazing idea that you want brought to life, or just play around a bit; Superfluous Games are keen to get everyone involved.The aim is that with in a few weeks we will have a playable computer/mobile game that was created solely by members of the community and playable for all.They also do website and graphic design, mobile apps and so much more tech related greatness.

Article 3691 | Published - March 15th, 2017

Free Training and Business Health Check

SBCP poster training.

Article 3673 | Published - March 9th, 2017

Grow Your Own Food

Grow your own food

Article 3661 | Published - February 10th, 2017

Blakeney Road Allotments

blakeney road allotment poster

Article 3645 | Published - February 6th, 2017

Local Young Carer in Awareness Raising Film

  Carers Support Centre has worked with young carers to make a short film, which has been sent to local primary and secondary schools. The film aims to raise awareness amongst teachers and pupils. Ask your local school to show this film! Young carers were involved in every aspect of putting the film together and you can watch it on Carers Support Centre website or You Tube channel.Ellie, from Bradley Stoke, is 14 years old and she cares for her brother who has Special Educational Needs. In the film she says:“Even though we spend a lot of our time in our caring roles and doing something a lot of people don’t do, we still have ambitions. We still have dreams we want to accomplish in the next couple of years or in the future.“I’ve always wanted to be a teacher but the special needs side of it came in when caring for my brother.”When she is asked ‘Does your caring role help or hinder you?’ she says:“I guess mine helps … because I will have the experience and I’ll know how to deal with more situations with other people. But I guess it hinders because I’ll have to be at university studying and I might not be able to get there or get all my work done.”Carers Support Centre works with schools to help make sure young carers are identified and support is put in place to help them manage. The charity already works with 32 schools in Bristol and South Gloucestershire, including Bradley Stoke Community School and Patchway Community College – and hopes to work with more. Carers Support Centre is a charity based in Bristol and South Gloucestershire that provides specialist support to carers, including children aged eight to 18. This includes one-to-one and family support, carers’ groups, respite activities, short breaks and training.There are likely to be young carers in every school and college, but many remain unidentified. In a Carers Trust survey, 39% said that nobody in their school was aware of their caring role.Young carers are a group who rarely ‘self-identify’. This is often because the child is unaware that they are carrying out a caring role or the family fears, when the child’s caring role comes to light, public services will intervene and they will be separated.Keith Sinclair, Chief Executive of Carers Support Centre, said:“We want people to understand how difficult it can be for young carers to realise their hopes and dreams for the future unless they have the right support in place.“Young carers miss out on their childhood. They can often become isolated due to caring duties, missing out on playing, seeing friends and other leisure activities. They can often miss lessons and as a result, can struggle to keep up with school work and not achieve their potential. They can also suffer from bullying at school.”Young carers sometimes experience physical health problems due to heavy lifting, poor nutrition and lack of sleep. They also often suffer from mental health issues too, including stress, anxiety, low confidence and low self-esteem.Keith Sinclair concludes, “Many young carers have no choice but to look after parents and other family members, and many take on this responsibility without a second thought. It is crucial that young carers get the support and help they so desperately need.”

   You can watch the film on Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlHpsYRhChA

   A young carer is someone under 18 who helps look after someone in their family, or a friend, who is ill, disabled, has mental health issues or misuses drugs or alcohol.

About Carers Support Centre
Carers Support Centre is a charity based in Bristol and South Gloucestershire that provides specialist support to carers, including children aged eight to 18. This includes one-to-one and family support, carers’ groups, respite activities, short breaks and training. Carers of any age can contact the charity for support.CarersLine: 0117 965 2200
carersline@carerssupportcentre.org.uk ,www.carerssupportcentre.org.uk




Article 3636 | Published - February 1st, 2017

Patchway Garden Society


 All are welcome to our evening meetings in the Casson Centre, Rodway Road, on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7 p.m. for a 7.30 p.m. start. Refreshments and raffle at each meeting.

 Monday 20 February:       “Lilies & Spring Bulbs”, talk by David Everett

 Monday 20 March:        “Spring Flowers”, talk by George Always

 Tuesday 18 April:          Plant Sale & American Supper with discussion on future events and speakers



For further information on the Society, please contact the Secretary,

Joe Hicks on 01454-501278 or Treasurer, Kath Harris on 0117-969-5275

Article 3633 | Published - January 31st, 2017

Carers Information

Groups for Carers

A carer is anyone who helps look after someone in their family or a friend. They could be ill, disabled, have mental health problems or be misusing drugs or alcohol.Isolation and loneliness is something that many people face as a result of their caring responsibilities. By putting the person they look after first, carers often no longer have the time to see other friends and family.

 They may also feel unable to talk to colleagues about their caring responsibilities or have to leave work altogether. The extra costs of caring and fall in income many carers face may mean they cannot afford social activities anymore. Or it can just seem like no-one understands their situation.Peer support from other people who understand can help many carers feel less alone.  Carers Support Centre provides opportunities for carers in Bristol and South Gloucestershire to get together.

 Support groupsCarers Support Centre runs a number of support groups for carers. These are facilitated by staff and are a safe place for carers to off load their worries, share experiences and gain useful knowledge, with a lot of laughter along the way. The groups have relaxing activities and interesting speakers – covering topics such as power of attorney, choosing a care agency and stress management.One carer said, “I have found the variety of speakers and interaction with other carers very useful.”These support groups are drop-ins, so there is no need to book: just turn up.

There is a support group for carers in the Patchway area at Callicroft House, Patchway Council Office on Roadway Road. This group meets on the third Tuesday of every month 1.30-3.30pm.There is also a group for parents who care for children and young people with disabilities and special needs. This group usually meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month 10.30am-12.30pm, at the 169th Bristol Scout Group Hut on Tranmere Avenue in Brentry. In February the group meets on Wednesday 22nd.Carers Support Centre also runs support groups for carers who look after someone with mental health issues:

For carers of people with dementia on the first Wednesday of every month 10.30-12.30, in The Coppice at Callington Road Hospital in Brislington. Carers wishing to attend should contact CarersLine 0117 965 2200.For carers of people with mental health problems on the second Tuesday of every month 7-9pm, at Carers Support Centre in Fishponds. Carers wishing to attend should contact Marilyn 0117 937 5622.For carers of people with Borderline Personality Disorder on alternate Tuesdays 7-9pm, at Rethink Mental Illness on City Road in St Pauls. In February the group meets on the 14th and 28th. Carers wishing to attend should contact Tracey 07922 746287.

Activity groups Activity groups aim to bring together carers with a common interest. Each group meets monthly and is supported by volunteers who are passionate about creating opportunities for carers to take some time out.Crafty Carers meets at Badminton Gardens on Beaufort Road in Downend, second Monday of every month 2-4pm.Carers Book Club meets at Christchurch Youth HUB building in Downend, third Tuesday of every month 11-12am.To join an activity group contact Holly Thomas 0117 958 9984 hollyt@carerssupportcentre.org.uk

To find out more about groups for carers and Carers Support Centre see www.carerssupportcentre.org.uk or contact CarersLine 0117 965 2200

Article 3580 | Published - January 12th, 2017

Creative Arts Courses

Creative Arts Courses – Remapping your life

Give your wellbeing a boost!  Make new friends!  Lose yourself in creativity for an hour!  Try a range of fun and gentle arts activities including music, writing, crafts and more.  No experience of art needed!

Tuesdays 6.30pm – 8.00pm at Patchway Library

Creative Cafe welcoming older people and those with memory loss

A sociable space to meet, create, reminisce and reimagine!  Try a range of fun and gentle arts activities including music, writing, crafts and more – carers welcome to participate too.  No experience of art needed!

Tuesdays 1.30pm – 3.00pm at Patchway Library

For more information contact Donna Baber on 07840 663616 or e-mailarts.libraries@gmail.com


Article 3578 | Published - January 6th, 2017

Volunteer Centre New Opening Hours 2017


Article 3559 | Published - December 21st, 2016